Participation in trade shows is a preferred marketing instrument for many companies around the world due to the opportunity to realize a large number of face-to-face contacts with important business partners while saving time and financial resources.

On the other hand, live communication with consumers of products and services is important for the proper market positioning of the business, for tracking dynamic processes in consumer attitudes and preferences.

The continuously increasing number of participating mutually competing exhibitors requires skillful planning and implementation to achieve the desired marketing results.

If it is your first appearance at HOLIDAY & SPA EXPO, you may find the below advice very helpful:


  • Depending on the nature of your business and its marketing phase (emerging, growing, competing for market share business or a market leader), you have to define the specific goals you want to achieve by showing on the international tourism fair. These could be:
  • Demonstration of a new product aiming to attract new customers;
  • Establishment of new partnerships (or strengthening existing ones) in order to further expand the distribution channels, to enter new markets, to improve business performance and realize economies of scale etc.;
  • Direct sales, sealing contracts with corporate clients;
  • Brand / destination promotion, reinforcing the positive corporate image etc.


  • On which products / services would you like to focus your campaign? Which are your competitive advantages? Which is the target audience of your marketing message? What most important would you like to tell the message recipient?
  • Visualize the message in a picture, phrase, graphic symbol, sound and motion; adapt the design to the technical specifications of the selected distribution channels.


Select and match the appropriate distribution channels and marketing tools according to the budget you can afford. To achieve synchronized and consistent communication, individual elements need to be integrated and coordinated in a way that each element suits the rest.

In preparation for participation in the international tourism fair HOLIDAY & SPA EXPO you could use the following tools and communication channels, offered by our experienced team:

Advertising and Publicity:

  • Online banner on the HOLIDAY & SPA EXPO website / social media – before, during and after event;
  • Ad-page in the HOLIDAY & SPA EXPO catalog of participants;
  • Advertising within the Venue territory during the exhibition – outdoor billboard; banner or lighted Print on in the Central Lobby; broadcasting of video clip on the monitors in the Venues restaurants;
  • Distribution of promotional materials on the Venue territory during the exhibition;
  • Announce your participation in HOLIDAY & SPA EXPO on your corporate site; add a link to the official website of the event;
  • Use social media to distribute good news originating from your participation in the event.

Direct marketing:

  • Prepare and send personal invitations to business partners you would like to meet with during the trade show;
  • Use Customer database and send pre-event notification emails and post-event follow up to Customers addressing successful showing of your brand / product.

Public relations:

  • The news you release will be posted in the News section of the HOLIDAY & SPA EXPO official website and social media (Facebook);
  • Through event’s media partners we will assist wider distribution of your press releases;
  • Invite media representatives to exclusive press conference or to a presentation, seminar, debate or training held at the event;
  • Support the HOLIDAY & SPA EXPO Annual Awards or other socializing event;
  • Support our cause for tourism sustainable development.

Sales promotion:

  • Your exhibition stand at HOLIDAY & SPA EXPO should be open and friendly; to make attendants and guests feel comfortable; to create atmosphere that carries your marketing message;
  • Add attractive audiovisual presentations; prepare and promote exclusive discounts, lotteries and live demonstrations to attract visitors to your stand;
  • Offer attraction and shared experience, free samples or giveaways to leave lasting impression among the exhibition audience.


  • Reed the Terms and Conditions, make a note on the deadlines and the available services.
  • Save money by taking advantage of the early registration discount!
  • Send the completed forms no later than the deadline!
  • We wish to grant you quality services, but just like you we need time to do the job properly.
  • Selecting the size and location
  • It is important to inquire about the venue, the particular exhibition hall, the preferred stand location, about lighting and other details that have direct relevance to the project for the particular space.
  • If your choice is STANDARD STAND:
  • Check out what the Standard Stand includes and whether you would need additional equipment such as:
  • Corporate logo
  • Additional layout – posters, photos
  • Audio / Video equipment
  • Detailed information can be found in the Application Documents and in the Supplementary Equipment forms.
  • If you do not find the answer to your question, please do not hesitate to contact the event Organizer.
  • PRIM EXPO’ designers are capable to offer a variety of attractive stand solutions to ensure your successful showing.

Get acquainted with the Organizer’s requirements, the schedule for construction and arrangement of the stand, which can be found on the Vacations & SPA EXPO website and in the application documents.


The effect of your participation at the Vacation & Spa Expo would be greater if you supported your participation with a suitable advertising campaign. This will surely reach your target audiences and give you an edge over your competition.

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