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If you need a stand design to your best present at HOLIDAY & SPA, we at PRIM EXPO have been doing this for a long time and are experienced professionals.
We pride ourselves on providing the best services from idea, design, project management, to final execution.

Design and construction of advertising and trade stands, complete organization of fairs, exhibitions, presentations, materials, technical equipment, stage, lighting – we take care of everything related to your participation in an exhibition or other event to present your company in a consistent and compelling ways.

PRIME EXPO team: phone +35928657265, mob .: +359882425577, e-mail: primexpo@primdesign.com

You can choose the type of booth that best suits your criteria and budget.

The stands are divided according to type of construction, design and accessories, and the prices are based on these options and on the size / sq. m / number of open sides.


The undeveloped exhibition area includes: rented area, general cleaning, general lighting, Wi-Fi.

Electrical power supply, electrical board, etc. technical services are ordered additionally. Exhibitors are responsible for the design and construction of the booth using their contractors or Prim Expo.


The new standard booth system offered by Holiday & SPA Expo 2021 is a convenient, low-cost choice to participate in the fair, providing all the necessary elements, furnishings, equipment and branding options.

You can choose from several types for the most effective presentation and sale of your products and services.


The modular booth combines the best of standard exhibition designs and individual design. The OCTANORM exhibition system includes an extensive range of profiles, panels and accessories that allow for stylish, effective solutions and offer quality, versatility and flexibility to meet all your requirements.

Modular stands are ideal for all stand sizes, easily adaptable in different spaces and the use of standard modular construction makes this solution as effective, as it is cost effective and flexible on budget.

If necessary, you can rent accessories, displays for advertising materials, showcases, lighting or other items to better present your company.


With individually designed, branded and high-performance graphics, unconventional materials, accessories, furniture and lighting, specially designed stands set your company apart from competitors and offer a memorable performance for your products and services.

The team of experienced designers at PRIM EXPO / PRIM DESIGN work personally with each client and will offer you the best option for your presentation.


The graphic design completes the vision of your exhibition stand. If you are building up the structure yourself or have ordered a standard stand, you may need branding. Graphics and photos with high quality digital print, executed on different media – foil, vinyl, paper, logos and lettering cut out of foil … We can offer you the right solution, according to your requirements.

The prices include the production and installation, stick and unstick on the panels and friezes.


HOLIDAY & SPA EXPO offers the possibility to rent a wide range of additional equipment and furniture for exhibition stands. Lighting, video, monitors, furniture, podiums, shelves, flooring, showcases, shelves for advertising materials are at your disposal.

In the application forms You can browse through the options offered and select the equipment you need.