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Страна: Serbia
Зала: 4
Щанд: C 3

Информация за изложителя

Just 140 km far from Beograd there is located a unique Atomska Banja. It is surrounded by forested hills and mountains at the altitude of 460 m and represents one unique oasis of harmony and silence. It can be said that it is positioned in a triangle between cities of Čačak, Gornji Milanovac and Kraljevo.

Homeopathic features of Atomska banja Gornja Trepča are well known since time immemorial, supposedly since the Roman age. During 2010 was founded the Special Hospital for Rehabilitation in the Atomska Banja aimed at treating patients suffering rheumatic and neurological diseases. Atomska Banja is specific regarding its balneology features. Thermal mineral water in the Atomska Banja is mildly alkaline, hydro-carbonated, with trace elements and acratothermal. Temperature of the water is 29.8°C.