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Страна: Greece
Адрес: Vasileos Georgiou 180, Soufli
Телефон: +302554350100
Имейл: dim@0890.syzefxis.gov.gr
Уебсайт: soufli.gr
Зала: 4
Щанд: D 7

Информация за изложителя

The Municipality of Soufli carries considerable advantages and presents enthralling resources. It is characterized by a widely recognized dipole of tourist destinations, the unique National Park of Dadia-Soufli-Levkimi, although heavily damaged by a devastating recent fire and the monadically preserved in Europe, silk tradition, including, on one side the vigorous economic activities, from cultivation of the mulberry trees to the production and promotion of silk and on the other the historical architecture of its “cocoon-houses”.

Moreover, the Municipality proposes a remarkable diversity of other objects-destinations, such as the amazing fossil forest, the unique for Greece prehistoric megalithic monuments, the historical religious monuments, Christian and Muslim, the architecture of the mountainous villages, the expressions of its traditional culture and old, tough vivid activities, such as winery, meat cuts, beekeeping etc.

The economic-social-geostrategic profile of Soufli and its territory is highlighted by a set of strategic advantages and opportunities, which form the basis for a self-sustaining tourism development plan, reinforced by synergies and networking.

It is generally accepted, today, that standardized, homogenized mass tourism is not any more a top priority. Therefore, any proposal, concerning entities, such as the Municipality of Soufli is imposed to be oriented towards specific priorities, aiming to the composition of an alternative and innovative product through the formulation and promotion of a specific, or even unique local “physiognomy”, requirements to which Soufli answers to the optimum degree.

The village keeps iits authenticity and is not saturated by distorted forms of uncontrolled development. Thus, the possibility of formulating a viable proposal in the tourism sector is strongly justifiable. The configuration and promotion of a unique „civilization“ and an attractive local identity respond to the required characteristics, standards and market demands, accessibility, clarity, relaxation, connection with the local physiognomy, marketable, tangible and intangible products etc.

In two words, Soufli answers to the requirements of the times.


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