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Страна: Greece
Адрес: 1 Kakoulidou Str., 69132 KOMOTINI
Телефон: +302421030930
Имейл: gpanagopoulos@pamth.gov.gr
Уебсайт: www.emtgreece/com
Зала: 4
Щанд: C 7

Информация за изложителя

Eastern Macedonia & Thrace: a magical Region. Where history embraces the ‘today’, where time travel alternates with the vibrancy of the ‘now’ and natural beauties become splashes of color on a multi-dimensional canvas. The destination will enchant you with its diversity, rich past, and current proposals for action, recreation and relaxation.

Travel around its beautiful and wild forests, taking deep breaths inside the unspoiled nature, get to know its protected Natura wetlands, lose yourself in the magic of its rivers, Nestos and Evros, discover the natural wonders of its rushing waterfalls, explore its caves and its gorges, enjoy the benefits of its thermal baths, feel the imposing presence of its mountains, dive into its magical waters. An “Embrace full of Greece”, the Region of Eastern Macedonia-Thrace is waiting for you to be captivated by its beauty, be drawn into the spirit of adventure and get to know its history.


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