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Страна: Serbia
Адрес: 18000 Niš, Nade Tomić 15
Телефон: 018/524-877
Имейл: info@visitnis.org
Уебсайт: www.visitnis.org
Зала: 3
Щанд: A 6

Информация за изложителя

The Tourist Organization of Niš actively promotes Niš and its surroundings as a Balkan destination that caters to the needs and desires of various groups of tourists. This diversity makes Niš exceptionally appealing to visitors.

As one of the oldest cities in the Balkans, Niš captivates tourists with its rich cultural and historical heritage, providing a unique experience of exploring historical sites and museums.

Niš and its surroundings have become renowned as a destination offering a plethora of opportunities for extreme sports, providing diverse programs for active vacations, adventurous journeys, and adrenaline tours.

Throughout the year, the city hosts numerous cultural, musical, and sports events that attract tourists and offer unforgettable experiences.

Niš also takes pride in its hospitality and the typical southern charm known as „merak.“ Tourists are drawn to the diverse gastronomic offerings, allowing them to savor food, taverns, and nightlife.

Given that Niš has an international airport and affordable flights from low-cost airlines, it is easily accessible from many European cities.

All of the above factors make Niš an exceptional destination for „City break“ getaways, inevitably holding a special place on the tourist map of Serbia and Southeastern Europe.