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Страна: Bulgaria
Адрес: Trg Pobede 1, 26300 Vrsac
Телефон: +381 (0)13 832 999, +381 (0)13 832-430
Имейл: toovrsac013@gmail.com tic.vsplanine@gmail.com
Уебсайт: www.to.vrsac.com
Зала: 3
Щанд: A 6

Информация за изложителя

Vršac , one of the oldest towns of Banat is situated 83 km from Belgrade and 14 km from the Romanian border.  It lies at the edge of the Panonian plain, at the foot of the Vršac mountains, and in the vicinity of the Danube.

Thanks to its geographical position and favourable climate conditions, thanks to the area of fertile land, water currents and the Vrsac mountains, this region provides opportunity for development of tourism.

Vršac and its surroundings have always been known as a region of vineyards. Today the hilly vineyards of Vršac cover about 1200 hectars. The bigest vine producer is Vinarija Drašković. In Vršac, and nearby willage Gudurica works more than 10 small familly vineries.