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Страна: Serbia
Адрес: Gradsko šetaliste bb, 32000 Čačak
Телефон: +38132342360
Имейл: info@turizamcacak.rs
Уебсайт: https://turizamcacak.rs/
Зала: 3
Щанд: A 6

Информация за изложителя

The Tourist Organisation of ČaČak was founded as a public institution by the City Council of Čačak, on 26 th December 1997, with the core mission of advancement and promotion of tourism in Čačak, supporting the development of tourism infrastructure and organising tourist events and events related to tourism.

Decision of the Government of the Republic of Serbia entitles the Tourist Organisation of Čačak as the manager of the protected area of outstanding features, the Ovčar and Kablar gorge.  Tourists are welcome to visit the tourist information centres and souvenir shops of the Tourist Organisation of Čačak, located in the centre of the city, the Memorial Complex on Ljubić hill and Natural History Centre in Ovčar Banja.