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This year, at the International Tourism Fair „HOLIDAY & SPA Expo“ 2023, the dental clinics with the „Dentaprime“ brand – Varna will once again award their prize for „Most Beautiful Smile in Tourism“. After 17 years of working with patients from Bulgaria, Germany, Austria, Russia, Great Britain and a number of other countries around the world, the Dentaprime team continues to change the lives of thousands of people and give them back the hope of a beautiful and functional smile every day.

Clinics under the Dentaprime brand were founded in 2006 in our maritime capital. With their 7 locations in Varna and London and over 550 employees, today they operate internationally with the capacity to treat over 15,000 patients per year. Dentaprime’s team of dentists is highly specialized in dental implantology and aesthetic treatments. The professionalism, dedication and constant development and training of the specialists at the Dentaprime Academy provide patients with the best possible dental care and the most appropriate treatment, tailored to the personal needs of each one of them. Combined with continuous innovation and the application of the most modern technologies for diagnosis, planning and execution of dental treatments, getting a healthy and beautiful smile at Dentaprime is more pleasant and painless than ever. And the production of dental structures in the in-house laboratory, apart from saving a number of costs and providing low prices to patients, makes the treatments much faster and the dental structures extremely accurate and precise.

In recent years, Dentaprime has continuously increased the scale of its work, implemented bold business models and created attractive offers for its patients and partners. As part of the international expansion of the brand, Dentaprime started 2023 with the opening of another clinic in London in January. With its thirty-two treatment rooms, modern high-tech equipment, the private clinic is billed as the largest to date in the UK. And there, Dentaprime continues to pursue its mission of providing high-quality dental care accessible to everyone, regardless of income or age. Further developing the concept of reducing costs by implementing effective measures such as continuous innovation, optimization and digitization of all work processes, the new clinic in London makes the placement of implants and high-quality fixed dental structures available to British patients at prices comparable to those in Bulgaria.

In 2023, Dentaprime continues to pay well-deserved attention to practical training, which provides an opportunity for a good career start and staff development. In February, the brand launched a new partnership with the Chernorizets Hrabar University for the acquisition of a qualification in the profession of „Dental Assistant“. Thus, young students and all those wishing to retrain will have the opportunity to learn practically from Dentaprime’s experienced specialists under a certified system that provides them with world-class competencies in the relevant field. „We’re kicking off the new year with a number of new projects and we’re more than excited for the ones we have coming up!“ – shares the management of the clinics under the brand.